The following table presents the SANSA public deliverables. The full text of deliverables will become available as the project progresses.

Deliverable number Deliverable name Delivery date
D2.1 Review of Regulatory environment July 2015
D2.2 State-of-the-art of cellular backhauling technologies July 2015
D2.3 Definition of reference scenarios, overall system architectures, research challenges and requirements and Key Performance Indicators January 2016
D2.4 Requirements specification for the key enabling components April 2016
D2.5 Theoretic benchmark of key performance indicators (KPIs) April 2016
D3.1 MAC layer delay, rate and Packet error rate vs SINR curves April 2016
D3.2 MAC layer mechanisms and adaptations for Hybrid Terrestrial-Satellite Backhauling July 2016
D3.3 Cost efficient combinations of beamforming networks and antenna apertures September 2016
D3.5 Intra-system Interference Mitigation Techniques for Hybrid Terrestrial-Satellite Backhauling April 2017
D3.6 Dynamic Radio Resource Management for Hybrid Terrestrial-Satellite Backhauling April 2017
D3.7 Database-assisted spectrum access techniques for Hybrid Terrestrial-Satellite Backhauling April 2017
D3.8 WP3 executive summary May 2017
D4.1 Hybrid network manager architecture and functionality October 2016
D4.2 Interoperability of terrestrial and satellite links high level functional specification May 2017
D4.3 Hybrid Network Management design and simulations results July 2017
D4.4 Multicast beamforming for distribution of popular multimedia content towards the terrestrial distribution network July 20717
D5.1 Detailed simulation and benchmark of antenna architectures July 2017
D6.1 Review of the Over-the-air test results of antenna prototype for shared satellite-terrestrial spectrum access January 2018
D6.2 Review of the performance demonstration of the novel Hybrid terrestrial-satellite backhaul adaptive network in a virtual electromagnetic environment January 2018
D7.1 Initial dissemination and exploitation report January 2016
D7.2 Standardization report January 2017
D7.3 Final exploitation and dissemination report January 2018
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