The 10th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation will be held in Davos, Switzerland, on 10-15 April 2016. EuCAP is a world renowned conference on antenna topics that represents a good dissemination opportunity for antenna related activities that are being carried out within the SANSA project. In particular, SANSA activities will be presented in two sessions:
Xavier Artiga (CTTC) will present a poster entitled “Reflectarray Cell for Analog Row-Column Beam Scanning Control” at the Poster Session 4 on Wednesday, April 13. This paper proposes a novel reflectarray unit cell which enables the control of the reflectarray aperture through a row-column scheme, providing a potential reduction of control lines from N*M to N+M (for a reflectarray with N*M unit elements).
Marcus Grossmann (FRA) will present a paper entitled “Antenna Array Optimization Strategies for Robust Direction Finding” at a convened oral session on Monday, April 11. This paper focuses on the optimization of uniform circular antenna array structures equipped with analog combining networks for direction finding and beamforming applications. For such type of arrays, the specific choice of the combining matrix has a crucial impact on the effective radiation pattern and the sensitivity of beam steering and direction-of-arrival estimation. The paper provides a design framework for constructing the combining network which improves the performance of the array as well as design examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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