In the framework of the FP7 and H2020 Network Technologies Concertation Day held in Brussels on the 1st of March of 2016, SANSA technical activities were presented to the Radio Access and Spectrum (RAS) future networks cluster. The main objective of this cluster is to boost the impact of their involved projects by establishing synergies between projects and sharing best practices and opportunities for (pre-) standardization, dissemination and exploitation activities.

The Concertation day was devoted to the definition of the future activities of current existing clusters (CAON, FI, RAS) and their cooperation with the 5GPPP initiative projects. As a result of the discussion, SANSA was preliminary included in the RAS cluster jointly with other H2020 projects such as TWEETHER or IBROW. The future activities of the RAS cluster will be further discussed in the next RAS meeting.

Deliverables 2.3 and 7.1 of the SANSA are now available.

Deliverable 2.3 “Shared Access Terrestrial-Satellite Backhaul Network enabled by Smart Antennas” defines the appropriate use cases, with its possible assumptions and constraints, and defines and forms the overall system architecture in an end-to-end fashion. It also looks at the technical challenges to be addressed when designing our proposed solutions and how they are improving the current state-of-the-art. It is also defining the Key Performance Indicators to be used while evaluating, comparing and selecting among different technological solutions. The material documented in D2.3 will allow the SANSA consortium to define the reference scenarios, the overall system architectures, the research challenges/requirements and the Key Performance Indicators.

Deliverable 7.1 “Initial dissemination and exploitation report” is the first document that describes the dissemination, standardization and exploitation plan of the project after 12 months of operation. Precisely, this deliverable proposes an initial plan for dissemination and knowledge management.

The Mobile World Congress is the world’s biggest mobile industry event. The 2016 event counted more than 100,000 attendees, 2,200 exhibitors and it was covered by 3,600 members of the international press and media.
CTTC was selected by Catalonia Trade & Investment, (a public agency from the Government of Catalonia), as one of the Catalan research centers to be present in the MWC2016 exhibition. CTTC took the opportunity to present its portfolio of Products & Solutions (P&S) in the fields of Communication networks, technologies, systems, position, navigation, and remote sensing, but also to present its most important R&D on-going projects; namely Flex5GWare, 5GCrosshaul, Fantastic-5G, STRAUSS, COMBO and SANSA.
Therefore SANSA activities where communicated to CTTC’s booth visitors and a SANSA factsheet was distributed to all interested attendees.

From 26th to 28th of January two events where collocated at the ETSI premises in Sophia Antipolis (France). On the one side it was held the Workshop on Future Radio Technologies: Air Interfaces. The objective of this workshop was to identify innovative solutions related to future network air interfaces which should be objects of study of existing or new working groups inside ETSI. The SANSA consortium contributed with a joint positioning paper giving and overview of all project activities. It was presented by Prof. Ana I. Pérez-Neira (CTTC) in a session devoted to satellite communications and PHY layer security. Remarkably, the conclusions of the workshop identified the interest on a horizontal X-haul activity, integrating all potential fronthaul and backhaul technologies, from optical fibber to satellite communications, which would be definitely align with the SANSA research lines.

On the other side, it took place a meeting of the Satellite and Navigation (SCN) Working Group of ETSI. Within this meeting, it was also organized a Workshop on 5G and satellite with the objective of identifying synergies and ways of integration of the satellite segment in 5G networks. Along the workshop the activities of several H2020 ICT projects such as 5GNORMA, FANTASTIC5G, METIS II, mmMAGIC, VITAL and COHERENT where presented. SANSA solutions were also presented by Xavier Artiga (CTTC). The satellite integration in 5G was further discussed in the context of a dedicated Working Item which aims to deliver a technical report for clearly supporting this integration. SANSA will definitely contribute to this technical report proposing the SANSA network architecture.