SANSA project public website has been launched on 27/02/2015. The objective of this site is to provide detailed information about the project objectives, activities and results. In particular, this site presents the specific objectives of the project, an introducction to the overall solution proposed in orther to achieve them, a description of the partners who are going to carry out the research activities, and the specific organization of those activities within the project framework. In addition, this site will also make available all public project deliverables, as well as any conference or journal paper published under the SANSA umbrella. Finally, the SANSA website will also inform about the events organized by the SANSA consortium.
If there is any information you cannot find in this site, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form in the contact menu.
SANSA kick-off meeting was held in Castelldefels (Barcelona) at the CTTC premises on 10/02/2015. It was the first face-to-face meeting of the SANSA consortium so it allowed the partners to establish good relationships among them. During the morning, a general introduction to the SANSA project was given by the project Coordinator. Next, all partners were informed about the administrative and management procedures that will be followed during SANSA execution. The afternoon was used to start fruitful discussions about the technical work to be carried out in each work package. SANSA kick-off meeting was the first step for a successful execution of SANSA project.
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